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Digital Mafia Talkies

Digital Mafia Talkies | DMT is a platform where we analyze Films and Television Series to examine why they are so good at Telling their Story. DMT is a subsidiary company of Digital Mafia, an Independent Production Company. Digital Mafia aims to create quality Cinema across the globe and DMT is a humble start, to… Read more »

Brick & Portal

Brick & Portal is a social commerce platform that allows users to create and request shoppable looks for their friends and other users using products from the most popular retailers. The platform was built with several cutting-edge technologies such as data aggregation, machine learning parsing + filtration and innovations in the Fashion Tech space.


Squrl is a smart productivity app that allows you to Squrl away links and organize them into TO BUY, TO DO, TO READ sections of the platform. The software automatically detects if the link that was Squrl\’ed away (saved) is a written article or a shoppable product and parses accordingly. If the link is an… Read more »