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ProdCamp centralizes multiple feedback channels (email forwarding, public roadmap, embeddable widget, customer’s interview notes, a chrome extension to capture feedback anywhere from your browser). And more to come! We believe multiplying the feedback source is a great way to increase its volume. Which is great as soon as you can organize it. And that’s what… Read more »

Startuprad-io brings you German startups in English. The podcast scored already in 52 countries in the podcast charts. We also run a blog, a YouTube channel, and the world’s first 24/7 internet radio station dedicated to startups and tech companies. We bring you news, interviews, and live events from the German startup scene in English…. Read more »


MOMO BOARD let you instantly create your own community message board from mobile app or desktop website, for free! MOMO BOARD combines message board, chat and cloud storage (10 Gb) into one seamless application for efficient community communication. It’s a powerful community app, created to help bring people together and communicate efficiently with one another,… Read more »