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K Factors

K Factors helps e-commerce store owners easily build and deploy contextual triggered notifications that grow orders, sales, traffic, followers, and leads exponentially. K Factors widgets simulate FOMO (fear of missing out) and herd effects by displaying website visitors the right notification at the right time. Whether your KPI objectives are to collect leads for your… Read more »


SYQEL is a revolutionary music visualizer that helps you turn any house party, casual hangout, or relaxation session into a fully immersive experience. It’s packed with stunning 4K visualizations, karaoke mode, and personalization settings to offer you an unforgettable experience. SYQEL provides an AI-powered VJ solution that automatically responds to live streams or microphone inputs… Read more » is like having a digital crystal ball for hiring salespeople. Using 400 stable human attributes and AI performance data, we can tell you how much a new salesperson will sell BEFORE you hire them for all the KPIs important to you, revenue, appointments booked, units sold, etc. Our clients include industry leaders, like Mercedes-Benz,… Read more »