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WagerLab is a social betting app that lets you send and keep track of (for-fun) bets with your friends. Use WagerLab to bet on sports or a variety of fun categories like TV shows, politics, and current events. Available for free on iOS and Android.

Success Ease

Successease is a leading education body that ensures excellent knowledge and believes in establishing peace and harmony by serving pure knowledge to different diverse strata of society. It has a mission to create incomparable influentials, winners, and achievers by offering enriched expertise along with creativity and continuous improvement. Successease not only provides professional education and… Read more »

LifeWork Calendar

LifeWork Calendar automatically blocks out personal events on your work calendar to keep your schedule defended, ensuring you’ll never miss out on life again. It’s free, and it only takes a couple minutes to set up. Here’s a peek at what LifeWork Calendar does: 🤹‍♀️Automatically defends your personal calendar from work overbookings 🔒Keeps your details… Read more »