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Murabei Data Science

Service ideal for those who need to implement and to control the discipline of Data Science in an optimized way in time and costs. Service structured development on web based predictive modeling Platform – PUMPWOOD®, a platform that has been developed by Murabei, which includes a Data Lake specially designed to integrate internal and external… Read more »

X-Golf Middle East

We present you the most advanced indoor golf simulator technology. X-Golf, based in Dubai, focuses on bringing out the most innovative and modern phase of the world’s most popular sport “Golf”. Unmatched accuracy and immersive digital experience are our specialties. If you are thinking about an indoor game for your home or office then golf… Read more »


XRmeet is a powerful AR remote assistance software for remote support and collaboration. XRmeet provides real-time assistance to technician facing challenges through live video streaming. Both technician and expert can draw AR annotations on the screen which stick to 3D physical objects to make each other understand and resolve the issue better.