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Bilr is a modern legal billing software, helping ease the process of timekeeping and billing for law firms. We do this enabling lawyers to record time with their voice while on the go, whether they’re in a cab or coming out of the court room, converting their speech into text.

In addition, we make invoice and line item review faster through the use of machine learning, automatically scanning law firm billing for guideline non-compliance. This is especially helpful for law firms and lawyers working with insurance firms and who typically have to adhere to billing guidelines, or risk having their invoice totals reduced or otherwise adjusted.

Record time with ease, and review your law firm’s billing automatically. Track lawyer performance and motivate them to achieve success. Access in-depth reports about the performance of your law practice across staff, practice areas, matters and beyond. Leverage this knowledge to inform business decisions.

Create LEDES and UTBMS compliant invoices with the click of a button, and integrate seamlessly with LawPay, QuickBooks, Filevine, LawMatics and other 3rd-party legal software solutions.

Supercharge your legal billing efforts with Bilr and turn the dreaded task of timekeeping into an opportunity to increase your profits by 6-11%!

Access on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. 14 day trial available.

We’re a part of the LSG/aXpire group, with 15+ years of LegalTech experience and $1.2 billion dollars in value generated for our clients.

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