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BOCS Contech Pvt. Ltd.

BOCS is a project monitoring software for the construction sector
Most of the construction projects get delayed. You know why? Because these guys do not have the softwares and systems in place like we have “Jira” and “Trello” in the software industry.

Somebody has to solve this. We have taken this responsibility and built BOCS to monitor the current progress of any project, enable communication between any member from any unit, and share documents between each other with the right permissions.

BOCS = Jira + Slack + Google Drive

That’s why various large organisations are using BOCS to manage their projects. Currently, over $1Billion worth of projects is being monitored using BOCS.

Some of our big league clients are Indian Railways, NHAI, RVNL, Nagarjuna Construction Company, WAPCOS.

The next step is to expand our technological capabilities, build new features and improve the reliability and overall experience. That’s why we are looking for talented engineers who believe in solving real-world problems through technology.

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