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➤ With GamGage you can calculate the real engagement with the followers of your profile or any other public profile of Instagram. Free and fast, in one step.

➤It is very simple, just enter the username of the Instagram you want to analyze, press the “Calculate” button and at the moment you will see the data of that profile: the averages of likes and comments it has in its last posts, the value of the engagement calculated, etc.
That’s it!

You can also use the extra functionalities to save a history of calculated engagements for each profile and track and analyze followers in Instagram.

➤ Nowadays to get followers in Instagram free is easy, even if they are false and only serve as ego metrics, but what is really valuable is to have an active community that participates and interacts with the publications of our profile, either giving likes or leaving comments.

That’s why this app is born, to have a quick and simple way to measure that “commitment” that gets an Instagram profile with its followers, that calculates if the publications really receive an interesting interaction ratio from its followers.

The value of engagement is important to use as a metric with which you can compare similar profiles or at least within the same sector, because the objectives that these profiles have will be similar.

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