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Lensa is a young, innovative HR tech company. The next game changer in talent acquisition. Our platform optimizes the way people find jobs and companies find talent. We take the search out of the job search by offering simple, easy-to-use services powered by smart technologies to make a better match between candidates and companies. We also created a ‘Workstyle Game’ which is an the assessment of the players’ working style and behavior in environments and situations where rules are not clearly defined. We use 400 measurements in every second of game play to identify each player’s behavioral approach to problem solving. The game puts the user into a certain situation they have to solve, while the problem itself is ill-defined and there are hardly any instructions provided. It doesn’t matter if the user actually finishes the game or not, it’s their behavior we analyze. It takes about 8 minutes to complete the whole game. Based on the data we gather during game play we categorize players into “archetypes” which is a simplified version of all the converged data. After the user played the game, it tells them what their archetype is out of 7 archetypes. Jobseekers can highlight their professional strengths in accordance with their game results on their resumes. We’re pioneers in machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analysis.

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