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Mutual Fund App

Imperial Money App is an investing platform where you can find the best mutual funds for investment. Imperial Money offers a simple, free, and most convenient way of investing in the best mutual funds.

Imperial Money offers a simple, free & most convenient way for Mutual Fund Investment. It’s all just on fingertips, No paperwork, No hassles, Do Mutual fund investment using Imperial Money. All Indian mutual funds are available in one single app. In Imperial money, you can start SIP, a lump-sum investment for free.

Switching of the funds from one fund to another fund and Systematic withdrawal plan or funds from liquid to equity or equity to liquid while re-balancing of the portfolio you can just do it here anytime anywhere you are.

– Investing becomes easy with your fingertips
– Get Sign up in minutes,
– One time KYC process within the app
– Buy, Sell, Shift mutual funds within the fund family.
– Buying a Systematic investment plan or doing the STP or SWP is just simple and easy.
– Invest in all mutual funds online for free

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