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NullBox is an email privacy service that protects the privacy of your inbox with disposable email addresses. NullBox acts as a protective shield for your inbox. NullBox lets you create disposable email addresses (Boxes), all email sent to a Box is forwarded to your actual email address (Forward Address). With NullBox you can keep your existing inbox without needing to give out your real email address, allowing it to remain safe and private.

Using NullBox is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1) Give out your NullBox email addresses. Instead of giving out your real email address, use your disposable NullBox email addresses.

2) NullBox receives emails sent to your NullBox email addresses. Email sent to one of your NullBox email addresses is securely forwarded to your real email address. We never store or analyze the contents of your emails.

3) Receive forwarded emails in your existing inbox. Keep your existing inbox while being able to disable any disposable email addresses that may be compromised.

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