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Dreaming of learning a new language?
For years, language learning “experts” have put eager students through outdated, ineffective methods, treating language as a subject to study, not a tool to use. Those methods lead to failure, ruining people’s dreams of learning a new language. Worse of all, they give up believing it’s their fault.
Our mission is to breathe life into those dreams again.
OptiLingo empowers language-learners to reach fluency by showing them that they were never the problem, their methods were.
By avoiding the dull, boring “teaching methods” that focus mostly on grammar, memorization, and drilling.
Prioritizing useful phrases and high-frequency words presented in a low-stress environment with a built-in spaced repetition review system.
Teaching short, interchangeable phrases that are easy to remember and cover 1,000 of the most common words, roughly 80% of any spoken language.
OptiLingo makes your dream of learning a new language finally come true.
100 quick and easy language lessons
1500 of the most useful everyday phrases
Over 1,100 helpful, high-frequency phrases
20 languages to choose from!
Over 30 hours of audio (a full YEAR of college-level study!)
Built-in reviews (No more boring memorization)
Mobile-friendly user experience
Stress-free, hands-free learning
Auto-sync progress across all devices

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