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At OpusLoop, we believe every organization should have an effective, robust and affordable digital employee engagement platform, one that addresses the needs of an increasingly diverse and distributed workforce. That is when we decided to build a unique employee centric platform which is free of unnecessary adornments and does it’s best to not just unify but also engage your entire workforce on one platform.

OpusLoop’s features include anonymous conversations in Public, private & official groups, Open feedback and peer recognition, all on one platform, it’s ability to loop everyone at workplace led us to name it “Opus Loop”.

OpusLoop, in its current form has 3 main modules:
🎤 Honest Conversations – Bottom-Up & Top down anonymous (& Named) conversation platform for employees to candidly connect with colleagues or discuss an issue in intranet

📜 Open Feedback – Anyone can seek & give feedback in public or private.

✨ Peer Social Recognition – Foster the culture of recognition throughout the company. Celebrate every single success with the entire workforce.

However, we are also working on getting the SaaS (B2B subscription) platform up and running latest by end of October 2020, which will have 📊 People Analytics + Action Plans – We have made it easier for the HRs & people managers to understand the employee mood through multiple exhaustive reports & dashboard and take effective actions which can be recorded on the system in a JIRA style kanban board.

Our third Major release, which is currently scheduled for October 2020, will have employee engagement pulse Surveys with real time analytics.

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