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Join millions of similar podcast listeners and interact with like minds and other similar podcast listeners in realtime with full featured chatrooms.

Interact with the hosts of your favorite podcasts, & Watch Video podcast in one app

PodRoom, users can;

1. Set up your social profile.
2. Subscribe to your favorite podcast and shows.
3. Interact with the community of over 200 million people from all over the world.
4. Get notifications for Live chatrooms, likes and replies.
5. Explore over 750,000 podcasts.
6. Get recommendations and see trending podcasts.
For free.

Podcasters can;

1. Claim their podcast
2. Create Podcasters profile.
3. Manage PodRoom when you open and close a room, engage with listeners and respond to various questions.
4. Grow your listening community.
5. Upload video podcast and advertise brands.

Created by podcast lovers, PodRoom is the social media app for the podcast community. With genres such as Education, lifestyle, politics, comedy, religion and many more.

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