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Remember — an app to learn foreign languages.
If you learn foreign languages, you might find yourself struggling with several cases:
• You write down translations in your notebook and then forget about them;
• You get assignments on remembering words you do not need in practice;
• You simply have no time for studies.

Great news for those willing to learn or improve foreign language!
With Remember App you are now able to translate only the words you need, train them with special exercises and thus broaden your lexicon.
The app is based on The Leitner System. This widely used memorisation method was introduced by Sebastian Leitner, a German scientist and journalist. The key process lies in the reiteration of educational material at constantly increasing intervals. Remember has modified interval reiterations with equal time periods (24h), as together with other exercises useful words can be learned faster.

What are the key benefits of Remember App?
• ? You learn the words you need, without wasting time on remembering words you wouldn’t typically use in everyday life;
• 23 languages translator. Apart from popular European languages, it includes dictionaries of less widely used languages, such as Polish, Estonian, Greek etc.;
• A simple, minimalistic and intuitively comprehensive interface;
• Autocomplete helps to finish tapping unknown words without mistakes;
• The app is free and does not require registration.

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