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RunWage: Run & Earn Money

Start running with RunWage! Motivate yourself to lead an active life with RunWage. We give you a REAL reason and motivation to run. This app is for the beginner and seasoned runner, to help you build a healthy habit and prepare you for more intense running challenges. You can challenge yourself to train for your next 5k, marathon, 10k run, etc. This is NOT a step tracker, pedometer app, but rather a unique app aimed to boost your motivation in a very structured way. You can use this app by yourself, or use it with your friends in fitness club or running club. Let’s see who wins the bet this week!

Why use RunWage? It’s difficult for many people to be active and do the cardio workout needed for healthy active life. Running is one of the most effective & economical ways to do a cardio workout, compared to joining a gym or fitness club. However, we all know it’s not always easy to motivate yourself to start running. You need REAL motivation – and REAL money proves to be a very good motivator. The stakes become very real when money is involved. That’s why you can use RunWage to get leverage on yourself and WIN. After you complete our challenges, you can set your goals for more challenging goals: winning 10k run events or completing a full marathon!

How does RunWage work?

1. Choose any of the free or paid programs or challenges that you want to participate in from the home screen.

2. Pay the entry fee and bet on yourself to win the challenge!

3. Complete the challenge within the given time frame and be sure to record your run through pedometer, run tracker, step tracker app of your choice.

4. Take screenshots of your completed run using your pedometer or step tracker app (please also screenshot the necessary stats: distance, time, pace).

5. Verify your claim on the Verification page.

6. Win the bet and get the REWARD!

Who is RunWage for?

1. New runners who need motivation to do cardio for a healthy & active life.

2. A seasoned runner who wants to train for more intense running challenges such as improving your 5k time, 10k run, or completing full marathon.

3. People who want to start running again after stopping for some time.

Examples of our challenges:

● My 5K Threshold – Beat your own personal 5k best

● Build Up To 5 miles – Push for a longer run than the usual 3.12 miles

● 50 Miles in 30 days – A simple and measurable distance in one month

● 20 minutes a day for 20 straight days

So, what are you waiting for? Motivate yourself to be an active runner through RunWage now! It’s FREE to download and there are many free challenges you can utilize for your own training at any time.

Don’t forget to share our app to your friends in the fitness club and running club! Let’s be active and run together with RunWage!

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