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The Hera Collective

We host an online posting space for professionals to be more creative. If you are simply questioning your career choice or going through a full fledged existential crisis, you’ll find a supportive community and conversations to help those burning questions.

The inspiration around The Hera Collective was created knowing that our experiences in early adulthood are not atypical of others. Many of us question ourselves around “What am I doing” in my career, attempting to understand why we are going through these motions.

What was noticed was that while those questions were swimming, moments that gave energy to help answer those were two part:

1) An organic connection with another very smart person completely outside of your line of work
2) A connection where conversation would steer into the space of creativity and the arts.

These chance meetings have helped the founders find those answers for themselves – and we created a space for those chance meetings to continue.

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