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If you’re looking for concise, clear-cut lists of top-tourist attractions that should be in your
bucket-list when visiting a particular country – TravelPeri is for you! Navigate through various
countries seamlessly using our pannable map or search bar.

What sets TravelPeri apart from other such alternatives is the ability to view travel-
times/distance to each of the listed attractions on request if location permissions are allowed.

This web app is ideal for people with less time on their hands for research or just for quick
reference while on the move – so keep us Bookmarked!

Below is an in detail break down of the app functionality:

1. Use the pannable map or search bar to select a country of your choice.

2.The user will be presented with a list of the top-tourist attractions/destinations in that particular
country. Links to Google map coordinates and TripAdvisor Reviews for each attraction will be
displayed on the information card.

3.Press the “Show nearest attractions” button to sort the list of attractions by travel time/ETA. If
you are on the country page you’re currently located in, the sort will take place based on your
current location while for other countries you will be prompted to enter a city/locality from
which the sort needs to happen.

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