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Travonto is the best travel planner and digital backpack in your pocket! Plan your trips with friends together, share and keep your memories in one place, get personalised and refined travel tips wherever you go!

We help travellers be informed before, during and after their trips.

[>] Keep all your memories (photos, tips, blog posts) from past trips in one place
[>] Plan your new trips with our personalised recommendations on places to visit
[>] Keep all your plans in the smart planner for each trip, that includes things you need to do & places you want to visit
[>] Check our refined travel tips for different location around the world and save them in your trip planner
[>] Influence others by sharing photos of your trips
[>] Get inspired by other travellers and look for ideas for your next trip
[>] Find useful information about locations like weather forecast, prices on food and accommodation, seasonal information, safety.
[>] Build your traveller portfolio and see how much world you have already covered, get achievements for covering specific areas and become regional ambassador
[>] Application works offline! Checklist is available wherever you are whenever you need it.
[>] A lot of critical information about major cities in the world like tap water quality, Wi-Fi coverage & speed, General, LGBT, Racial, Female and Foreigners safety and much more!

More to come very soon:

[!] Create reminders for your checklist items
[!] Even more information about locations
[!] Even better user experience

Provide your feedback and we will be happy to make your travel experience even better!

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