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Hello growingpage community! Thanks for taking the time to check out Wandr. We have just released our beta version and are looking to gather videos and feedback to make this product more helpful for travelers!

At Wandr, our vision is to bring you closer to the world. We want to take travelers from travel inspiration to dream destinations as easily as possible. Social media inspires millions of travelers every year, but it doesn\\\’t allow them to plan and book travel. We are trying to solve the inspiration disconnect that exists on traditional social media platforms (Instagram vs reality, one might say), and provide a solution for travelers to book and save the experiences they see on social media.

Since traveling has been paused for many people, we wanted to create a product where travelers could relieve their past experiences, while simultaneously inspiring and helping others plan their next trip. By swiping through a feed of videos of your dream destination, and saving the ones that interest you, you can create a trip plan without the headache of visiting 100+ websites before booking.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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