Startups by tag: ai

Murabei Data Science

Service ideal for those who need to implement and to control the discipline of Data Science in an optimized way in time and costs. Service structured development on web based predictive modeling Platform – PUMPWOOD®, a platform that has been developed by Murabei, which includes a Data Lake specially designed to integrate internal and external… Read more »

Safe Drive Systems

Safe Drive is the only system that combines telematics, radar, and AI Cloud video to deliver a holistic solution to manage the fleet and proactively prevent collisions With more than 200,000 units worldwide, we aim to bring our technology to more fleets, more households, and more regions than ever before. All in the pursuit of… Read more »


ParallelDots is a leading image recognition AI solution company. It provides the product ShelfWatch for FMCG/CPG companies and retailers globally, helping them optimize their in-store execution and maximize their sales. ShelfWatch has a proven model to deliver higher ROI than other retail Image Recognition solutions. Its superior technology is fast to set up, accurate, and… Read more »