Startups by tag: ai


Bilr is a modern legal billing software, helping ease the process of timekeeping and billing for law firms. We do this enabling lawyers to record time with their voice while on the go, whether they’re in a cab or coming out of the court room, converting their speech into text. In addition, we make invoice… Read more »


We help companies to develop MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) on Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. Many companies want to use ML to improve their processes, but don’t know how to do ML or don’t know how to put ML workloads in production. We enable AI transformation through MLOps with a standard methodology based on 6… Read more »


Dkilo offers digital out of home advertising solutions. We give advertisers, brands, and companies the perfect opportunity to reach consumers everywhere in Cairo. We strategically place your ads in front of millions of shoppers around malls, high traffic venues, streets and highways. Everything is evolving, and so is advertising. We understand that at Dkilo and… Read more »