Startups by tag: analytics

Dcipher Analytics

Dcipher Analytics is the modern no-code, end-to-end SaaS-based text analytics platform that makes text analytics available for the general domain expert. The platform accelerates the time-to-insight, model-training, and automation of workflows for all analysts and insights professionals. A unique architecture and proprietary query language tailored for nested data structure, such as text, is the foundation… Read more »

Beezer Golf

At Beezer Golf, we are golfers! There are plenty of golf apps, but none comes even close to solving our games and betting dilemmas. So, we set out to build the simplest, most flexible, and extensive golf betting and scoring app in the market. Beezer Golf combines a flexible scorecard, over 20 golf games, a… Read more »


ADVICEment takes care of the automated production of dynamic documents for your business using DynamicDocs API. The technology used by the company allows generating documents with complex analysis, calculations, and engaging charts, with quick turnaround times. Creating documents quickly and efficiently allows the company’s clients to improve their marketing drive for their financial products while… Read more »