Startups by tag: cloud

Cloud 66

Cloud 66 provides DevOps-as-a-Service for Rails and containerized applications, that can be deployed on any cloud provider or any server (including AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Linode, Hetzner, OVHcloud, Vultr and bare metal). We offer the convenience of PaaS, with the flexibility of using your own servers and we take care of your uptime, scaling, databases,… Read more »

Millsapps, Ballinger & A

MB&A is focused on delivering cloud based data collection solutions including complex data calls, survey, feedback, inspections, compliance, and audit. These solutions are built on the Salesforce platform and available in the AppExchange. Our company believes that technology can be a force multiplier for positive change and that being able to consistently get the right… Read more »


Do you want to be able to safely access your company files anywhere, anytime? Do you want to be able to work together with your colleagues in the same file at the same time? And do you want to be able to easily share files with your customers and suppliers? LeitzCloud makes this possible. With… Read more »