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Workdeck is the new Digital Workplace platform that has been ingeniously designed to take the ‘place’ of work and to power the ‘force’ of work: built for unprecedented automation of routine tasks to save teams time and for equipping staff with the tools they need to deliver their most valuable work, wherever they may be.


R3DT offers the most user-friendly Virtual Reality (VR) tool for industrial engineering. The innovative technology for working with virtual prototypes is used throughout the entire development process. Particular attention is paid to planning errors that are difficult to identify without VR. Our customers’ applications include work and assembly planning, ergonomics study, determination of assembly sequences,… Read more »


XACROS is a communication platform that connects school communities every day. Founded in 2019, XACROS keeps working to encourage collaborative learning experiences through thoughtful—and—effective communication between teachers, students, and parents.