Startups by tag: collaboration


Collabify is a online meeting application. No download required. Included features are text chat, video camera , screens sharing. Collabify gives you a clean and very simple interface so you easly can get your goal done. Create a meeting, copy the invite link and send to everyone you would like to join the meeting. Collabify… Read more »


HeySpace is a new team collaboration app that combines Trello and Slack features in one tool. Manage tasks, track the progress and discuss all the assignments without jumping between two or more tools! HeySpace is 100% free – helps your team to reduce meetings to minimum and keeps everybody up-to-date!


Foguru is a teamwork & collaboration app for entrepreneurs and family offices with many different teams working remotely on different businesses and projects. As a single shared source of truth, the act of updating Foguru replaces writing reports. It was designed for wealthy families/entrepreneurs who have lots of different businesses or projects on the go… Read more »