Startups by tag: consumers

Greetix is a web app that helps you create a huge memory of your private event and capture everyone’s point of view. It helps you to collect and display images, text messages, and poll responses during an event, live on a local screen, through an interactive slideshow. Without the need to download any app, your… Read more »


DesignGapp is a tool to help create beautiful design documentation for your projects and styleguides. Define your audience and document the details and aesthetics to help facilitate great project design. Capture your brand, aesthetics, and UI elements in order to easily and intuitively create styleguides. Work alongside your clients and team members to document important… Read more »

At we have published an open, growing list of 200+ vetted resources for ethical living — from books to browser extensions, TED talks to apps – and ethical alternatives to projects from the big five nasty tech giants, including alternatives to Chrome, Drive, Maps, Fa$ebook, and much more. Check it out here:


KRISTALIC is building the first stage of seamless human-computer interfacing with audio. We use machine learning to fix human memory by extracting the essential information from your conversations and delivering this information to you via rapidly searchable knowledge graphs. Our first product is an app that saves time and effort for busy professionals by automatically… Read more »