Startups by tag: data analytics

Smart Faktor

Smart Faktor online factoring offers a decent factoring facility (up to 150.000 Eur) for those whose micro factoring solutions cannot provide enough liquidity and bank financing is out of reach. While having competencies to evaluate and manage credit risk as a typical bank we provide a fast decision-making process and state-of-the-art workflow and operations (Fintech… Read more »


At Sullivan|Strickler, we believe our clients should have total command of their legacy data. Born from a deep passion for innovation and solving complex data challenges, our Legacy Data solutions and eDiscovery solutions are the most advanced in the world. Our proprietary technology and workflows deliver faster time-to-data and unparalleled data intelligence while eliminating unnecessary… Read more »

bipp Analytics

BIPP, Inc., is a business intelligence (BI) company that helps organizations use their data to make better and faster decisions. Our enterprise-grade, in-database cloud BI platform was developed to save data and BI analysts’ time and develop insights faster. It leverages SQL and is powered by the bippLang data modeling language, which supports collaboration, git-based… Read more »