Startups by tag: designers

Mokup Frames

Create amazing Dribbble-ready GIFs, Images or Videos in a few simple clicks. Showcase your designs on a screen of real devices: iPhones, Androids or laptops. Create amazing screenshots and videos for AppStore and Google Play. Pimp up your Dribbble portfolio, impress your followers and stand out of the crowd.


DesignGapp is a tool to help create beautiful design documentation for your projects and styleguides. Define your audience and document the details and aesthetics to help facilitate great project design. Capture your brand, aesthetics, and UI elements in order to easily and intuitively create styleguides. Work alongside your clients and team members to document important… Read more »

Creator Channels

Creator Channels is a user-driven collection of best YouTube channels for web designers, developers, marketers and entrepreneurs. Explore and discover new channels!


Kudoo provides project, timesheet and invoicing software. Support for multiple countries taxes and advanced features for medium to large organizations.