Startups by tag: e-commerce

Growrk Remote

We help companies redistribute office space to their remote workers’ homes, supplying stylish ergonomic workstations for optimal remote performance for a low monthly fee. With GroWrk’s model, your office becomes a subscription service rather than a liability that can saddle your business.


LivMo is an e-commerce marketplace that connects Activity Creators (Businesses, Organizations, Non-profits, Communities) with Consumers who are actively searching for fun activities. We aggregate activities and experiences (Think: Amazon of Activities) saving consumers time and money. Our core product requires what we call Experience Architects to develop long term relationships with businesses and individuals. Our… Read more »


The yourfans Marketing Suite is a complete platform allows you to build, promote and optimize Marketing & Sales Funnels. It offers you everything you need to reach your audience precisely, get traffic, generate leads, nurture leads through Follow-Up E-mails or adding them to Sales Pipelines and generate revenue using Sales Pages with Stripe and Fastspring… Read more »