Startups by tag: education

Code Galaxy

Code Galaxy is an online program designed to teach children how to code, empowering kids to become the leaders of tomorrow. Code Galaxy grew from a small physical center in Austin, TX to now 100% online-based platform. Our students learn basic to advanced computer and programming skills, giving them 21st-century tools for creative expression! Our… Read more »

The GraphQL Guide

The GraphQL Guide is a book by John Resig, the creator of jQuery, and Loren Sands-Ramshaw. At 883 pages, it’s a comprehensive text, including a beginner introduction, an overview of the spec, and advanced client and server topics. This book is for most programmers. If you write software that fetches data from a server, or… Read more »


Sanako is a global leader in teacher-led language technology solutions. We provide online and classroom software tools for secondary and higher education to optimize language teaching time and increase students’ results and motivation. We have customers in 114 countries and our solutions are used in over 50.000 classrooms. Our tools can be used for any… Read more »