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Mailforge is an easy to use e-mail marketing platform, giving you the tools for lead generation with beautiful pop-ups and embed forms, drag and drop e-mail editor and advanced lead segmentation. Email marketing is still one of the best sales-channels in online marketing, and we´re providing you with the tools to fully utilize this channel.


EmailSuccess is an MTA (Mail Transfer Agent), a digital messaging technology for large on-premise senders, both Email Service Providers and Enterprises. EmailSuccess is an advanced SMTP Server derived from the technology and the expertise accumulated in years of exchanges with the ISP and ESP worlds, built from the ground up to handle the most critical… Read more »


Remail was officially launched in August 2017. It is a service for sending personal cold and warm emails. Remail is not an email marketing service by itself, it’s a hacker in email marketing. If your goal is to get an answer – Remail will bring it. We created Remail to solve our own sales tasks… Read more »