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Code Story

Code Story is an exclusive podcast platform. This podium brings you detailed interviews with founders, CTOs and tech decision-makers. Their stories give you an in-depth vision and help you virtually witness the critical moments that these visionaries went through to design great ideas. To be precise, Code story is an intermittent storytelling window where experts… Read more »


Believe it or not, everyone needs a productivity coach. There’s always room for improvement. But how can you go from your current productivity levels to achieving all of your goals like a champion? That’s where we come into the picture! TaskDone is a team of Professional Accountability Experts who will help you to stay on… Read more »


SMASHINGLOGO provides professional logo design in just seconds. Design principles do not change over time, the wheel isn’t constantly reinvented. We are convinced that professional logo design can be automated by using complex algorithms to imitate the way how designers think. This is what we do and what sets us apart from other logo maker… Read more »