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Business Power Tools

We provide you with tools that simplify your business growth using our secure online dashboard which is loaded with a time-tested, customizable document, spreadsheet, and planning software templates for navigating and documenting all the stages of building a successful and profitable company you can someday sell.


We are a community and Mastermind Club of founders and mentors who help our members grow their new products and startups to achieve product-market fit faster. We are all things business, startup methodologies, and best practices. We live brainstorm together on the startup challenges our members face to unlock growth and discuss in our community… Read more »


At LinkedPhone, freedom rings. LinkedPhone is designed to free businesses from the limitations of traditional business phone systems. We empower modern professionals to work from anywhere on any device. We serve small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs & mobile teams with professional-grade tools once only available to large corporations. We believe in simple, honest, and transparent pricing…. Read more »