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We help organizations automate their manual, labor-intensive, document-based workflows, resulting in productivity gains, optimized customer experience, and more engaged employees. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, DocDigitizer is a cognitive data capture service that turns any unstructured text data into business-critical information. We combine our proprietary cognitive data capture engine with an expertly-designed human-in-the-loop process delivering… Read more »

A voting machine designed to synthesize tactical financial market forecasts from user votes. The data is presented in real-time and is free to access for all, unlike the expensive and often biased advice of financial professionals. The larger our user base is, the more accurate the predictions are, so to promote and maintain engagement levels,… Read more »

ReFocus AI

ReFocus is an enterprise AI platform that uses client datasets to elevate underwriting decision-making, identify unexpected exposures, streamline operational processing, while gaining real-time insights. ReFocus is unique because of our proprietary data pre-processing pipeline which can take in any structured data to train to a series of explainable AI models.