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If you are trying to find your old 401(k), you can use an online service such as Beagle, it allows you to track your old 401(k) for free to see the hidden fees charged to your account, and rollover to a better retirement account with just one click. Consolidate your retirement money today, save thousands… Read more »

Smart Faktor

Smart Faktor online factoring offers a decent factoring facility (up to 150.000 Eur) for those whose micro factoring solutions cannot provide enough liquidity and bank financing is out of reach. While having competencies to evaluate and manage credit risk as a typical bank we provide a fast decision-making process and state-of-the-art workflow and operations (Fintech… Read more »


PayDownHero is the only app devoted to paydown auto loan debt. We empower users to aggressively combat auto loan debt, using round-ups, micropayments, and real-time data! Our roundup transactions and incentivized micro & turbo click features empower you to save thousands over the life of your auto loan. We make it easy and save you… Read more »