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ProdCamp centralizes multiple feedback channels (email forwarding, public roadmap, embeddable widget, customer’s interview notes, a chrome extension to capture feedback anywhere from your browser). And more to come! We believe multiplying the feedback source is a great way to increase its volume. Which is great as soon as you can organize it. And that’s what… Read more »


Awesomic is an app where your design task is matched with the best-fit designer, and you get results on the next business day. No hiring, no management, no stress. Our high-class specialists create graphic, UI/UX design, and animations that help companies address their business needs and achieve goals. And all of this costs up to… Read more »


Mapped is a QnA app for startup founders to learn and grow. You can ask a startup-related question and instantly see answers, conversations, and people linked to it. With Mapped you don’t have to wait. Once you ask something, our algorithm shows you all the relevant information you need. You can also participate in discussions… Read more »