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FreeStaq, a software comparison tool, makes it easy to find free and open source alternatives to expensive business software. Quickly compare features, functionality, and user reviews.

Crypts of Death

Crypts of Death: Battle against undead warriors and monsters in this roguelike RPG! Fight through the graveyards and haunted forests, crypts and tombs filled with unspeakable horrors! Spin the daily treasure wheel, visit the shop and take control of four different warriors and their powerful magic weapons.


TalentPlot is a new global search engine which lists thousands of job offers and internships from various services and countries. All the job offers are available for everyone without any cost, so it is really worth to try it out. Maybe you will find your dream job on our page.


Throughout its short but valuable history, the action of going to the pictures has been something to look forward to, the excitement of the unknown and unseen, the experience you get, the message that you go home with and the joy it brings. Well, if you ask us, the speed of life has destroyed it…. Read more »