Startups by tag: health

Journify, Inc.

Journify is a voice-first timeline app. Tap to record your audio journals on the go, organize your voice notes with tags and comments, and revisit or share your recordings via text, Whatsapp or email. All voice notes are encrypted so everything you say is literally off the record. Journify also lets you track your mental… Read more »

Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd

Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of orthopaedic implants and instruments for over three decades. We have a comprehensive portfolio of trauma products numbering more than three decades. We have various range of trauma products including Helix Locking Plate System, Non-Locking Plates, Cannulated Screws, DHS / DCS Implants & Instruments, Angled Blade… Read more »


The inspiration of TooDeep began when I found myself dealing with depression and anxiety. My dad had a life-threatening stroke while battling Prostate Cancer, and my mother was hospitalized due to Breast Cancer complications. I spiraled deeper and deeper into depression, the fear of judgement prevented me from reaching out for help from my family… Read more »