Startups by tag: ios

Journify, Inc.

Journify is a voice-first timeline app. Tap to record your audio journals on the go, organize your voice notes with tags and comments, and revisit or share your recordings via text, Whatsapp or email. All voice notes are encrypted so everything you say is literally off the record. Journify also lets you track your mental… Read more »

Jump In Meeting

Jump In Meeting literally does what it says. It’s an app that allows you to join an online meeting in just 1 second if you are using macOS, iPad, or an iPhone. The pandemic has caused unprecedented growth in online meetings and webinars, as most people are working remotely. Jump In Meeting comes with macOS… Read more »


Driporskip is bringing fashion to other apps. We\\\’re starting with Snapchat, by allowing users to upload interactable stickers, products, or images that showcase their sense of fashion. Try it on the iOS App Store!