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If you’ve always wanted to know, which person you’re sharing your birthday with and wanted to have chat with, you’ve come to the right place! With Birthy you can search for your birthday twin. Its for free, ads free and available for iPhone and Android.


StretchMinder is a work break timer that reminds you to get up and move. Designed for those who spend long hours sitting that need to take regular breaks. Set your schedule and on each break receive one of our growing library of office & home-friendly exercises that transform your desk into a dynamic, active workstation… Read more »

You are launched

Late November 2016, You are launched is found by Ivan Fortuna & Max Kuznetsov to support digital startups with their launch. Since 2017-2020, they launched 24 startups and 8 of them get to profit in a year later. It means, that success probability is x11 more than the average number on the market. As a… Read more »