Startups by tag: Machine learning


Voxpow adds Speech Recognition and Voice Commands to any website. Allow customers to use their voice and interact with the site. Let users type with a voice into text fields (speech-to-text conversion or dictation). Voxpow also can measure and improve conversions and be used as a tool for optimizing and increasing revenue. It includes Natural… Read more »

ReFocus AI

ReFocus is an enterprise AI platform that uses client datasets to elevate underwriting decision-making, identify unexpected exposures, streamline operational processing, while gaining real-time insights. ReFocus is unique because of our proprietary data pre-processing pipeline which can take in any structured data to train to a series of explainable AI models.


Super Enhance is an easy-to-use online photo editor to enhance and upscale photos automatically using Artificial Intelligence. Just upload photos and get an enhanced result in a few seconds. Works on your browser and special photo editing skills are required. Signup now on to get free credits. No credit card required.