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Jitter is an easy-to-use animation tool that runs in the browser. We help Designers make animations for videos, websites or apps in a simple way, while making it easier to collaborate with Product & Marketing teams. It\’s like Figma for motion design.


Awesomic is an app where your design task is matched with the best-fit designer, and you get results on the next business day. No hiring, no management, no stress. Our high-class specialists create graphic, UI/UX design, and animations that help companies address their business needs and achieve goals. And all of this costs up to… Read more »


If you’ve ever been stuck for words or experienced writer’s block when it comes to coming up with copy, you know how frustrating it is. You could hire a copywriter, but they’re expensive and you never know if you’ll get a writer who understands your business or has the skills you need. Fortunately, there’s now… Read more »