Startups by tag: marketplace

Binned Art

Binned Art makes art buying more accessible and less intimidating. The art platform allows artists to sell their works anonymously to recoup the cost of art supplies, while letting more people purchase great paintings at a bargain price.


Whatnot is the safest place to buy and sell collectibles. Today, online marketplaces are full of counterfeits and scammers. Whatnot solves this problem by verifying the condition and authenticity of every item sold — starting with Funko Pops, the Beanie Baby of today.


GitCom is a platform to monetize open source more efficiently, we believe that it\’s hard to sustain open source project (especially small/medium-sized) on donations only, that\’s why we offer developers multiple ways to get financial support for their open source projects. For users, it will provide an easy way for users to support independent developers… Read more »