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The LONCANI marketplace platform is primed with possibilities and opportunities for the beauty and wellness industry. We cater to just about everyone in the field of beauty and wellness, from freelancers, SMEs, to already established beauty care and wellness professionals. It is an excellent avenue for service providers to interact with customers and be able… Read more »


Hello! Peppaca is a handcrafted goods marketplace for handmade artisans. We have a unique shipping cost calculation strategy that is sure to revolutionize the market. If you are a handcrafted goods seller join and see how much you can sell on Peppaca! our site has been finished for a few months now and we have… Read more »

Binned Art

Binned Art makes art buying more accessible and less intimidating. The art platform allows artists to sell their works anonymously to recoup the cost of art supplies, while letting more people purchase great paintings at a bargain price.