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Dreaming of learning a new language? For years, language learning “experts” have put eager students through outdated, ineffective methods, treating language as a subject to study, not a tool to use. Those methods lead to failure, ruining people’s dreams of learning a new language. Worse of all, they give up believing it’s their fault. Our… Read more »

CYBER Multiplayer

CYBER is a next generation multiplayer online shooter game in a science fiction dystopian futuristic setting, focused on a “combination of low-life and high tech” world. 2 FACTIONS Fight for cruel cyborgs of the CORPORATION. For hard-die defenders of the METROPOLE. Or for both sides. 12 CHARACTERS Hunt, Cyclop, Anasteisha, Niko, Hammer, B.E.S. (Battle Exo… Read more »

TLC Mobile

TLC Mobile Bulk SMS Service mission is to make it as easy for business to talk with own clients all over the world as it is to talk with their friends by all variety of the possible ways of modern mobile communication – SMS, Voice, Messengers, Chat and so on.