Startups by tag: privacy

Privacy Bee

Tired of identity theft, spam, robocalls, junk mail? So are we! Privacy Bee is your data protection co-pilot. We scrub your personal information from dozens of data brokers and over 18,000 corporate databases. At Privacy Bee we believe everyone deserves their privacy, especially online. Privacy should not be contested, bartered, nor political, but rather a… Read more »

GDPR Register

GDPR Register is a SaaS productivity tool helping privacy professionals effectively manage their compliance documentation. Comparing to competitive products, it’s extremely simple to use and saves 70% of the time usually spent on the same tasks. Lots of templates and predefined content makes onboarding simple and smooth. GDPR Register is especially popular with group companies… Read more »


Portabella is a privacy friendly project management platform, core data is end-to-end encrypted and there are no third party tracking scripts. It’s made for sprint planning, issue tracking, knowledge sharing, and day-to-day task management for privacy conscious teams.