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Standuply is the #1 Project Management App for Slack trusted by 35,000 teams from Intel, IBM, Adobe and more. Standuply automates standup meetings, retrospectives, 360 reviews, 1-on-1, planning poker, task grooming and more. Features: asynchronous standups & retro meetings, scheduled surveys & Slack polls, text, voice & video answers, conditional questions, integrations, video calls automation,… Read more »


Cimpie – it’s the future for teamworking. My name is Alex, I was born in Kaliningrad, after living in Murmansk, returned to Kaliningrad and moved to Moscow a year ago. I have been working in IT industry for about 5 years and opened 2 creative digital agencies together with my partner Nikita. Now we want… Read more »


Hygger is the product and project management tool with built-in prioritization for agile teams. Use Hygger to define what’s important for your customers and then build it using Scrum or Kanban. Hygger helps agile companies to: • manage backlog and prioritize ideas, features and projects to make better product decisions • create and share product… Read more »