Startups by tag: productivity


AL0 is an application launcher designed to turn your smartphone into an essential tool. Apps and notifications can be annoying, AL0 replaces your smartphone’s functionality and user interface filtering out unwanted distractions. Experience a minimalist device that supports phone calls, sms and a the few other features.


Routine is a todo and notes taking app for busy professionals. Routine is a desktop and mobile app that helps busy professionals accomplish more faster, acting has a productivity central operating system. Through a single keyboard shortcut, Routine allows users to take notes, schedule meetings and very quickly capture things to do from anywhere (e.g… Read more »


Employee time tracking software for local and remote teams. Traqq boosts productivity and performance via automated reporting and monitoring tools like screenshots, activity levels, apps, and website tracking. As a no-frills time tracking solution, Traqq helps businesses and organizations monitor and analyze internal company processes. Your team will get better organized, enjoy higher transparency and… Read more »