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Imgdownloader is an all-in-one image downloading engine that helps you to download images automatically. #1 You can use Imgdownloader to download images from any website, URLs, and links! Just copy and paste the URL, get all images, pictures, or photos immediately. #2 You can also use Imgdownloader to download images from the Google image results…. Read more »


Socialistly, a free social productivity and educational app for discovering, collecting, creating & sharing any kind of lists and also create personal to-do lists and checklists. The idea behind the app is to create a social network where people can gain a wide variety of knowledge in a short span of time & share their… Read more »


With eSahayak you can generate your legal documents right from your phone by just filling out a simple form. eSahayak saves you from all the hassles of documentation required in various government and legal forms and applications. There are thousands of templates belonging to each category to choose from. eSahayak provides Templates for- 1. Contracts… Read more »