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Welcome to a customized, scalable email creation platform designed to make your email workflow faster & more effective. Scalero is an email creation platform, helping companies crack the email creation workflow challenge. Also, it is a full-service email and CRM consultancy. We set up marketing tools, design and code emails, and help plan and execute… Read more »


MuchSkills is a skills and strengths visualization tool that helps individuals and teams look into their skills in a new way to improve productivity, engagement and job satisfaction by matching the right person for the right project. At the core of MuchSkills is the belief that every individual strives to work with what they love… Read more »


Portabella is a privacy friendly project management platform, core data is end-to-end encrypted and there are no third party tracking scripts. It’s made for sprint planning, issue tracking, knowledge sharing, and day-to-day task management for privacy conscious teams.