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vPhrase’s self-service BI platform, Phrazor, provides insights from data in human language. While popular BI platforms use visualizations, Phrazor uses language because complex inter-relationships between data-points and deep insights are difficult to communicate without using language. Besides, Phrazor can also create personalized reports at scale in seconds. Phrazor summarises data into a few bullet points,… Read more »


Our personalized product recommendations increase sales, integrate within minutes with any platform and we guarantee the results. Try it for free for 30 days to test in practice, no credit card data needed. The installation is super easy: just install one line of Javascript in your store and that’s it – we will configure the… Read more »


BrandQuantum’s innovative and secure brand consistency cloud-based software solutions help organisations to overcome their critical brand implementation challenges and assists them in achieving brand consistency across multiple platforms. BrandQuantum’s solutions include BrandOffice, BrandMail, BrandStream, BrandView, and BrandForms which ensure brand consistency at every customer touchpoint.