Startups by tag: SaaS


Jumppl is a Project & Team Management Platform that delivers measurable improvement in Team Productivity. Jumppl’s USP is our unique Client Portal which empowers the organizations to manage Clients, Contractors and Consultants through a single platform. Whether your team needs to manage their projects, Team managers need to assess the performance of the team or… Read more »


SubscriptionFlow is a subscription management and billing software developed for businesses which are struggling to handle membership subscriptions. SubscriptionFlow software offers many other features like, sales tax management, dunning management, subscription handling, self service portal, proration handling and many more enterprise features to help companies streamline their subscriptions tasks.


A collaborative platform for secure, version controlled configuration management. It allows you to see your config files across your different applications and environments. It also allows you to manage who has access to what, and encrypt/decrypt the key value pairs. Config Tree also provides a RESTful API in order to access your keys programmatically and… Read more »