Startups by tag: sales

Lyne-ai is your personalized intro line writer for your cold emails. Our AI model can write more than 500 intros per hour, helping you scale your outbound campaigns. By using Lyne introductions for your e-mailing campaigns, you’ll see positive response rates, open rates, and response rates like never before.

ReFocus AI

ReFocus is an enterprise AI platform that uses client datasets to elevate underwriting decision-making, identify unexpected exposures, streamline operational processing, while gaining real-time insights. ReFocus is unique because of our proprietary data pre-processing pipeline which can take in any structured data to train to a series of explainable AI models.


FloQuote is a brand new software application that allows you to make estimates from information, images, and videos that the client sends to you. Using iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook, Signal, Telegraph, Google, email, whatever or however they send the information, e-quote uses it to build you a fast and accurate estimate for your client. You don’t… Read more »