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Seamless Search

Seamless Search is the only search management platform that enables you to manage paid and organic search holistically. – No more worrying whether you should pay to appear for keywords that you already hold a high organic position for. – Know exactly how your paid cannibalizes your organic search and vice versa. – Finally understand… Read more »


Speed through the search rankings with our powerful platform to find keywords, generate content ideas, and write and publish content effectively. Our platform facilitates better keyword research, provides a better understanding of SEO metrics, and helps to write powerful content in a beautiful editor. Seotagg does this in one convenient platform, saving time and keeping… Read more »


Contentyze is a content generation platform. Using AI and templates you can easily automate your content production: be that marketing copy, ecommerce product descriptions or articles for your blog. You can submit: – a headline to generate a text based on it – a blogpost to summarise or rewrite it – a spreadsheet to describe… Read more »