Startups by tag: sms

TLC Mobile

TLC Mobile Bulk SMS Service mission is to make it as easy for business to talk with own clients all over the world as it is to talk with their friends by all variety of the possible ways of modern mobile communication – SMS, Voice, Messengers, Chat and so on.


Whether you’re sending mobile text messages for marketing alerts, sales events, coupons, discounts, announcements, or notifications, Blueticks makes communicating with your contacts easy and efficient.

SpamHound SMS SpamFilter

SpamHound is a reliable SMS and MMS spam filter for iOS platform that protects users from unwanted messages. You can create an unlimited number of filtering rules, manage Black- and Whitelists manually and use flexible configuring features. There is no Internet connection needed to use SpamHound, and you can be sure about privacy, as it… Read more »