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Hello growingpage community! Thanks for taking the time to check out Wandr. We have just released our beta version and are looking to gather videos and feedback to make this product more helpful for travelers! At Wandr, our vision is to bring you closer to the world. We want to take travelers from travel inspiration… Read more »


Pointgenie is a store occupancy monitoring software that allows to track store visitors in a seamless way and provide business owners real-time and historical footfall analytics. With the recent developments of the pandemic, the government is enforcing a threshold of occupancy in all types of business to safeguard the employees and customers and help to… Read more »


trendHERO is an advanced influencer marketing platform for Instagram. Main features: – Search and discovery – Fake followers and likes detection – Growth tracking – Audience analysis (geo and interests stats) – Competitors monitoring – Ads database Every feature has some advantage over competitors. All features together created an unique service with an affordable pricing… Read more »