Startups by tag: Social network


TapeReal is a new subscription-based social network where you can record and only engage through unedited, unfiltered audio or video “tapes”. It’s raw, uncut… #SocialReality. – No ads or mining of your personal data – No filters, edits, or fake puppy dog ears – No pressure to create dancing viral videos Just real people, real… Read more »


Utreon is a next-generation video platform built to provide a superior video experience for viewers and appeal to creators by providing them with the tools necessary to build and grow their business. Our emphasis on engagement makes Utreon more than just a video platform – it is designed to be a home for content creators… Read more »


Grow your circle! Be it a casual friendship or the love of your life, Promenad is a brand new dating app that connects you with others nearby and everywhere. Promenad (pronounced to rhyme with ‘aid’) helps people get to know one another based on common interests. The purpose could be anything you do together –… Read more »