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SpeechBud is a speech coaching application designed to help individuals improve their communication skills through a wide variety of tools such as: · Live Transcription · Emotion Detection · Word-Highlighting · Live Thesaurus Feed and more! -While using the app please ensure you are in a quiet location to minimize unnecessary background noise. If possible,… Read more »


Icoclone – a leading ICO script service provider based in India provides access to sophisticated technologies, state-of-the-art products, and customized ICO solutions. We provide the best blockchain developers at the local price. We will help you to choose your team from our talented pool. We use the latest technologies and techniques to develop an ICO… Read more »


Web Extension that lets you gain new developer skills, every time you open a New Tab Gain new developer skills every time you open a New Tab! Choose which programming languages you want to get better at in extension options and get smarter every time you open a New Tab. All you need is 30… Read more »