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Patturn is a platform for eCommerce sellers use to manage and sell customer returns. If you’ve ever seen Youtube videos of people that purchase “Amazon Returns Pallets”, this is what I’m referring to! One person might be able to process 1 or 2 pallets, but what if they wanted to scale their business to become… Read more »


QuickPublisher aims to bring back the fun in the blogging. It provides a quick an easy way to publish articles to the internet without having to worry about template designs, plugin installations or the uncertainty about the future of your blog. It provides advanced features such as tracking edits made by your collaborators,monetization features and… Read more »


Every product has some gripes that could be improved. The gripes could be things like broken flows, unintuitive UX behaviors, or some interactions being too slow – you name it. Everybody has their favourite products, and each of those products (awesome as they may be) have a couple of small things that could be improved… Read more »